Wizart in art education

Kunstbedrijf Arnhem provides art education for high schools (VWO/VMBO) in the region of Arnhem. For one of their workshops they needed an AR solution to enable students to place pictures and 3D models in virtual space. Quickly, easily & working on many mobile devices. Wizart is such a solution.


Wizart consists of an intuitive web-based CMS and a Junaio channel with which the AR can be experienced. With the CMS users can upload images, 3D models, audio and even video to be displaced somewhere in augmented space. These can be further enhanced by adding all kinds of animations and realtime lighting.

Wizart icon

Wizart CMS

AR objects are placed in Wizart according to the bubble principle. A bubble is defined at a GPS location via the CMS. Once a viewer enters the bubble all objects that are attached to that bubble are displayed. The objects are unloaded when the viewer leaves the bubble again. This principle provides a robust way of experiencing AR and enables almost endless content.


Among the more advanced features of Wizart are built-in routes, dynamic lightning, stop motion animation, multi-user asset management, realtime sockets connection, multiple file uploads, powerful search functions. Furthermore, you can build and test individual pois or objects from anywhere with anybody. Wizart is running on a LAMP platform with a node.js server in parallel for realtime interactions, and using Junaio as the primary AR browser. Junaio is available on iOS and Android, for mobile phones and tablets.